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The year is about 1984/85

The venue is Dunswart Speedway.

The riders are from left, Jiri Pechous, Gordon Almond, Mike Deglon, Charlie Simpson and Gordon McEwan.

At the time we had a group of riders that would put on shows for events like this, Gordon Almond was the organiser and also our commentator. We had a bit of a routine that we would do to whip the crowd into a frenzy and then Mike Deglon would do the grand finale by jumping over about 8 people without a ramp, on one occasion there was a guy who had to much to drink(can you imagine that) and he decided to lye lengthwise, when he stood up he had the imprint of a Michelin X11 on his white T shirt, but was very impressed with Mikes ability.

Trials SA
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