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Training clinics are held throughout the year for all skill levels from beginners to those looking to brush up their already marvelous skills. One on one and group sessions with a coach are available when there aren't clinics being hosted. reach out to them and get the right training from the people who know. keep an eye on this page for the updates on when the clinics will be held for the upcoming year.

Trials SA


The First Training Clinic for the year has been concluded. Additional training for beginners and advanced trials riders will be communicated later in the upcoming year.

Keep an eye on this page and the social media platforms for the notices of upcoming training clinics.


One on one or group coaching sessions are available anytime through the year with any of our coaches mentioned below.

Reach out to them to book some training time and set yourself up for success!

Devon Mackenzie
Region: Primarily KZN and PTA when available
All skill levels
Contact: 079 895 3651

Gordon McEwan
Region: JHB
All skill levels
Contact: 082 838 4798

Barry Nezar
Region: PTA
Beginners and Youth
Contact: 071 890 9615


​Visualization has been proven to boost confidence, improve your abilities and enhances motivation.

Below we have laid out the channels with the best "How To" videos and training material to give you those extra tools in your arsenal to fall back on.


Trials SA


Trials SA


Trials SA

Cross Training Trials

Trials SA


Trials SA
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