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You will need a rider number if you would like to participate in any of the Trials events.

This number is also needed as part of your webpage account information and will allow you to enter the events by filling in the minimum info on the entry forms. Its quick and easy to get your number and Its FREE!

Mail to: 

Please supply the following:
Full name: 
Contact number: 
ID number: 
E-mail address: 

Once you receive your rider number, please display it on the front of your bike as shown in the example below.
The criteria is that your number board color must match your class and your rider number must be clear and visible for an observer to see. 

Master - Red

Expert - Yellow

Intermediate - Green

Clubmen - White
Social - White

Trials SA

Colored number boards and number stickers are available through the club. These are not free and will need to be paid for, get in touch with us to get yours if you need. 

2024 Rider Numbers

Rider Number - Rider Name - Class

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